mlwWould you like to have people say things like this about your writing?




I mean, you spend your time coming up with things to write, then writing it, then editing it, then publishing it, then not making money and finally you rinse and repeat.

I’ve been in this game since ’08 (sometimes referred to as “Oh 8”). I figured I’d rinsed and repeated numerous times. Then I found out I hadn’t. I only had one part of the equation right.

Words + Consistency = Money

It turned out I was only, partially, doing the first part of the equation. And without the second part there wasn’t that much money.

However, as I found out, if you add consistency to words (writing) you will get money. The more I write, consistently, the more money I make. It’s a beautiful thing really. I’ve come to the simple realization that


Earlier this year I started taking on clients. Ghostwriting clients. I needed a bit of cash and that seemed like a good way to get some, fast. However, when people buy your services they kind of expect you to deliver…on time!

It’s shocking really.

I quickly realized I wasn’t really that consistent with my writing. In fact, on that very first writing gig I found myself way behind. So much in fact that on the evening before I had to deliver I was more than 3000 words behind schedule!

Some of my best writing sessions so far had produced little more than 2000 words. You do the math.

I was screwed!

I had no choice, but to buckle down and get it done. And I did. It was a long night. One I didn’t care to have to go through again. I made a wow that I wouldn’t put myself in that situation ever again.

I sat down and analyzed the situation.

When I say that I analyzed the situation it makes it sound more sensible than it really was. The reality of it all is that I was stunned. I found myself in a maze and wondered what could be done about it.

I had a “DOH!” moment.

I had to stop being a lazy bugger and be consistent. If I had done just a little bit every day I could have been done a couple of days early.

Then I devised a system that would prevent me from ever being in that situation. I stuck to it. And there was peace on earth!

Well, not really, but I did start to make a lot more money.

Words + Consistency = Money

If you like money. And if you know you have to write. Then you need to know that


(Yes I know that title is grammatically wrong. Get over it :-))

Would you like to be able to put more than 300.000 words down per year?

More importantly, would you like to finally make money from your writing?

It’s not the words you write that are the problem.

It’s that you don’t do it consistently.

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Excellent point! I was just about to do that.

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